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Friends Only

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This Journal is now friends only because of the existence of trolls and people who are just plain mean and rude. If you want to be added as a friend, please add me first as a sign of good faith and leave a comment, providing the following information:

(These questions are subject to change over time)

Why do you want to be friends?
How did you find me? Did we meet in real life, are you a friend of a friend, are we members in the same LJ community?
What are some of the interests we share? (Please list more than anime. That's not much to go on and I discuss WAY more than that here.)
Do you like pink fluffy bunnies?

If you add me without commenting on THIS entry, you will not be added back until you do so! All this "formality" proves to me that you have the capacity for logic and aren't adding me to stalk or make your FL longer. I also reserve the right to say no.

Be nice and friendly. It hurts when you're mean.
Be honest but don't be a jerk about it. I won't defriend you because of a difference of opinion but I will if you lie to me and I hear about it from a second party or if you use the gentle touch of a sledgehammer to make your point.
Add me back. You ever see those one-way windows? They're creepy, aren't they?
NO DRAMA, or you will receive the hissing Ryo-ohki. If you should find a hissing Ryo-ohki as a reply to one of your comments on my journal, it is your only warning. For further drama-related information, please see the bottom of this post.
Please leave comments now and then so I know you still have the ability to fog up a mirror if held under your nose. I worry when my friends go MIA for a while. :'(

My De-friending Policy:

You will be cut from my friends list if you
leak things from my Friends Only posts to others.
start drama either on my journal or elsewhere.
are two-faced.
lie to me.
don't respect my rules.
give me a bad/creepy feeling that I just can't shake. A girl's gotta trust her instincts.
post offensive and/or disturbing material in my journal.
post offensive and/or disturbing material in your journal without an LJ-cut and a warning of some type.
hit on me or my husband.
take pictures that I post of me and my family and post them somewhere else or claim them as your own.

Definition of offensive and/or disturbing material:
Pictures or detailed writings containing genitalia, sexual posing (even if lingerie or the like is being worn), blood, or violence. When in doubt, cut it. I am very sensitive to this type of material and have no desire to view it. If I see it without a cut AND a warning, I will cease to read your journal.

Please do not add me if you don't think you can follow the guidelines, if you are always surrounded by drama, or if you regularly post disturbing material on your journal.
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