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Hi, everybody. We're in serious financial trouble with medical, car repair, and chimney repair bills. We would appreciate very much if you could spread this link to my store.

These lovies are approved by children's doctors including physical therapists that they're ideal for early sensory development. They're over two feet long and you will absolutely never find this in a retail environment. Each one is truly unique and beneficial to children. What better gift could you ask for?

Let's get this viral. Share, share, share, and thank you all for your help. ♥
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sea shells

The Bible and Food

I've seen countless instances of the disregard for the Bible's guidelines based on one thing: food. I would like to take this moment to clear up this issue and maybe shed a little light on the situation. Like in a trial, I will present an argument defending the Bible and I'll leave it to you, the jury, to decide how it affects you personally.

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word of mouth

While it is possible to promote my stuff through Etsy itself, I can only afford word of mouth. Please get the word out on my store, if you could. I really need some help with advertising. Any help is appreciated.

If not, you can just click and see what's new. I usually do at least 1.5/day. :)
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Public Service Announcement #482

I have received several PMs and emails over the past few months concerning my past as a commissioner of cosplay props, centered on Sailor Moon and the like. Specifically, these messages have been concerns about "identical pieces" showing up on a certain etsy account not associated with me. This etsy, of course, is Starnigh Industries run by ssfseiyakou and moradoshinigami.

Well, there's a good reason for that. I went out of business. They have a business. They are my friends. Ergo, I gave them my stuff and shared my knowledge. They make and sell items that look like stuff I used to sell because they have the molds I used to use. They have my permission to do this and are not stepping on my toes in any way. They're not scamming anyone using pictures of my stuff (because, first of all, I don't have half the shinies they have to pose their stuff with ^_^) and they're not stealing my business (since I don't exactly have one).

Starnigh Industries is legit and worthy of your patronage. However, if you see anyone else selling items identical to these that are not associated with Starnigh Industries (or alkrea because she has some of my stuff, too ^_^), please let me know and I will look into it.

I do appreciate people coming to me to make sure everything is okie dokie but I promise that in this instance all is well. So until the time comes that I may need to make another Public Service Announcement, fare thee well and be excellent to each other!
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SM - pimp

the hat's on again!

Hey! You like pretties? Go here! Hey! You like MLP? Pokemon? Sailor Moon? Go here! Hey! You cosplay? Go here!

See a pattern? These ladies are talented, professional, and just all around AWESOME! Check out their stuff and be amazed at what they can do for you!
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