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These come from a home with no pets or smokers. No holds! First to pay = new owner.

I only accept paypal (fees must be covered by buyer) and price does not include shipping unless otherwise noted. For the paypal address, please PM me or send me an email at sales [dot] tsukinohime3 [at] hotmail [dot] com. If in the US, please leave your zipcode for price calculation purposes. I will only add insurance or ship priority if it is requested. If overseas, please indicate your location. I will not add tracking to your package unless you wish to upgrade to priority.

Eternal Moon: SOLD!
Eternal Venus: SOLD!
Sailor V (manga): SOLD!

Lunch (Dragonball):
This design comes from the ending song of Dragonball. I chose it because I've never seen it done, and it's cute and pink! ^-^ The entire costume is fully serged and the apron can also double as a functional item in the kitchen. This costume was never worn at a convention, only to try on for pictures. All it needs is a wig, shoes, petticoat and a gun and you've got a costume set! Fits dress size 6-8. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.

Dress front, Dress back.

Fabrics: Sportwear cotton (dress), Trigger (apron)
Price: $75 $40 or best offer

Steel Angel Kurumi:
This costume was worn to one convention. Fits dress size 4-6 and up to F cup. You can stuff your bra and no one will know! There is no wire in the ruffles. The interfacing keeps them up on their own. The sleeves are also heavily interfaced. You only need to fluff them from time to time to keep their shape. Best worn at a fall/winter con to keep from getting too hot. :-\ The shoes were made of Walmart imitation Crocs and I covered them with vinyl. They're extremely comfortable! This costume set comes with shirt, dress, apron, shoes (size 9 1/2), overgloves (size small), and bolts. The bolts for the dress were attached with velcro but the part on the dress came off in washing, so you'll need to add some of those on your end. Does not include wig, tights, or long gloves. Dress and apron are fully serged. The shirt was made before I had a serger so those seams are folded in over themselves so they won't fray. Dry clean only.

gloves and bolts, Top of shoes, Side of shoes,.

Fabrics: Trigger (white), and casa satin (blue and red)
Price: $80 $50 or best offer

Venus Wig: SOLD!
Moderately Styled Golden Blond Wig: SOLD!
Baby Pink Loose Extensions: SOLD!

Any that I have divided up into "sets" don't have to stay that way. If you just want a few or just one item from a set, we can negotiate a price.

Moon Stick: SOLD!
Prism Brooch: SOLD!
Spiral Heart Moon Wand: SOLD!
Cosmic Brooch: SOLD!
Classic Moon Tiara: SOLD!
Super Moon back bow and sleeves: SOLD!

Super Set:

Brooches have been sold. Earrings are painted rhinestones (made for pierced, but I can change it to clip-ons), choker gem is cast in resin, as is the moon on the tiara.
Price: $15

Fur Coat
I inherited this from my grandmother. And by "inherited" I mean she wouldn't let me leave the premises without it. O_o She bought it in the 1980s, which makes it an antique. Fits petite 2-6.

Other pictures:

Price: $300 or best offer (price includes domestic shipping)

Of course, if additional pictures are desired for any of these items, I'll be happy to oblige.
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