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July 1 2012, 02:40:30 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  July 1 2012, 02:46:15 UTC

Those are so darn cute! You know, I told Friti (my husband) that once I get pregnant (whenever that may be) I would ask you to make one of those or two (twins run his family) That being said I am absolutely like "Yay" that you started a shop for them. When I get my check I may have to buy one for a friend of mine. She just had a baby boy. -OR- if you don't mind. I can share it on FaceBook. I got 3 new mothers and one soon to be mother on my friends list. :D

EDIT: So I went and shared it on Facebook. Anything I can do to help. And I know these ladies will love them. :D Good Luck.
I've opened a fb for them so you can share directly, if you like.
Would Love to. Just as soon as I can locate it. LOL.